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About Us

There are lots of churches in Worthing, so what is Maybridge Community Church like?  We are an all-age local church made up of people from a wide spectrum of life.  We want to connect faith and life and find out what it means to follow the life, teachings and message of Jesus - right here in Worthing, and wherever we are.  We're pretty relaxed in our meetings on a Sunday but serious about living out the Christian life.  Our church is so much more than Sundays - we do lots during the week and like other churches in Worthing get involved in things in the town and the wider world.  The best way to find out more is to come along!  You'll be very welcome.

At a glance: Our Purpose, Vision, Mission and Values:

Our Purpose: To glorify God by seeing ourselves and our communities transformed as we follow Jesus.

Our Vision: To see ever increasing numbers of people becoming Christians, discovering their role as Partners in the mission of God and finding a place of belonging in a loving and thriving church.

Our Mission: To teach and live Partnership in such a way that it inspires a network of partnership congregations in Worthing and further afield.

Our Values: Love , Faithfulness, Truth and Humility. We aspire to these values. A little more detail about what they mean is as follows:

The Bible says that without love we are nothing. Love is demonstrated by the way we treat each person as a unique individual. Love is costly and is demonstrated every time we put others needs before our own and we go the extra mile. Only love can celebrate unity in diversity.
This is about remaining faithful to God and the Bible however uncomfortable that might get in our changing culture. It’s about being faithful to one another in our commitments to being Church together. It’s about persevering through difficulties. It’s about being courageous and bold in the way we live because we dare to believe God is faithful.
We want to seek, live and teach truth which sets us all free. The Bible teaches that our relationships should be such that we can speak the truth in love to one another. We want all our relationships to be ones of integrity. We want our leaders to be transparent.
Perfect people need not apply. We are all broken in some way and none of us have arrived. Humility for us is a nonnegotiable. It’s part of the evidence we have met Christ. Humility is the flavour of all we do and say.

Maybridge Community Church is a registered charity (No. 1134489) and is linked with the Evangelical Alliance UK. We are involved with other Worthing churches as part of the wider Christian community in the town.